Organizers: Ethan Gunderson, Ryan Briones

Nov14Mon 6:00PM

Everything Couchbase: Server, Mobile and Modeling Apps

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A second month of special meetings! This month we have Matt Ingenthron from Couchbase coming to talk with us. But if you can't get enough from Couchbase on Monday night there's also Couch trainings Monday and Tuesday and on Wednesday the CouchConf World Tour hits Chicago. Spend the week learning about the Couchbase ecosystem!

6:00pm - 6:15pm Food and socializing

Food and Space are both sponsored by Groupon. Groupon is looking to hire developers, designers and DB nerds in Chicago and Palo Alto, CA. Go to to find out more.

6:15pm - 6:45pm Paper Discussion

This month we'll be discussing Nathan Marz's blog post "How to beat the CAP theorem".

If you'd like to lead this month's discussion, please email

6:45pm - 8:30pm Everything Couchbase: Server, Mobile and Modeling Apps with Matt Ingenthron

Couchbase Server, the super-fast distributed database built from Apache CouchDB and Membase, is frequently deployed social games and other large scale applications. Couchbase Single Server, based on Apache CouchDB (originally authored by other Couchbase developers) is the perfect database for synchronizing to mobile Couchbase and using GeoCouch. With both, developers have the power of Couchbase views for querying and analyzing data.

In this ChicagoDB meeting, Matt Ingenthron of Couchbase will cover everything Couch including why it works at large scale for Zynga all the way down to mobile apps on both iOS and Android

Matt will also cover how key-value and document databases can be used by looking at one social game in particular, Tribal Crossing's Animal Party. He'll then demo Couchbase Server running in a game scenario.

Matt heads up the Developer Solutions group for Couchbase and is an experienced web architect with a software development background. For Couchbase, Matt leads the team developing client libraries, samples and docs developers interact with. In recent years, he has been a core developer on Membase and Couchbase, a contributor to the memcached project. He is a frequent speaker at technology conferences including JavaOne 2011, MySQL 2011, MySQL 2010, OSCON 2010, Erlang Factory, Cloud Camp San Francisco, Silicon Valley Code Camp, and many others. Follow Matt on Twitter @ingenthr and read his blog at


Groupon 6th Floor Training Room

600 W Chicago Ave, Suite 620
Chicago, IL 60654

Who's Coming

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    • Shankar R.
    • Dan M.
    • Jp B.
    • Ethan G.
    • Jerry C.
    • Eric M.
    • Brendan L.
    • Jim F.
    • Kevin S.
    • Dan S.
    • Anthony L.
    • Sarah G.
    • Tyler J.
    • Jacob R.

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